Twitter Psyop Complicity

Certainly, we are running out of ways to explain this ongoing attack.  After detailing a month of incessant assault on a dozen different people with over 230 pages of tweet evidence, this long since exposed saboteur of reality & thought has been allowed by Twitter to continue her never ending screed.  This isn’t open to debate anymore.  The evidence is overwhelming and continuous.  The campaign of psychological terror and intimidation to suppress the truth about the #NabeelRajab #AlWefaq remote control terror and invasion campaign (that has been ongoing in plain sight since Iran Election 2009), for some reason is allowed by Twitter to continue.

From the very begging Twitter has made allowances, adjustments, and modifications to suite the needs of this operation, and have allowed attacks that were obvious in 2009 to continue to this very minute.  The continued existence of this account whose sole purpose is to prevent anyone from having a real conversation, is daily proof of that reality.  30 – 50 tweets a day from someone you NEVER SPEAK TO is stalking, harassment, and psyop intimidation, and every minute it continues proves Twitter complicity.  Take note Twitter… you MUST terminate this account according to your OWN SPAM GUIDELINES or be defined as a willing partner in this operation of global deception, intimidation, terror, and invasion.

The first month and 230 pages of this relentless demented assault is documented in the Psychosis of Penny_G  I’ll add the daily violations here, until Twitter does what it should have done months (if not years) ago and rid all of us of this clearly disturbed and intentionally detrimental individual.  Each clip is dated and labeled twitter, and I have responded directly to NONE OF THEM.  There are NO EXCUSES FOR THIS.

Note to Readers: Twitter Spam Report Page: Also, tweet this article link to @Spam.

(Updated 05-15-12)

(Updated 05-14-12)

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