Disinfo Psyop: BashTheTrolls

As another glaring example of the 3yr+ ongoing psychological terrorism and intimidation campaign waged by “Anonymous Cyber Terrorists,” the creation of this “@BashTheTrolls” account quite literally picks up where the Psychosis of Penny_G left off.  After a month of engagement with these psychological terrorists, 230+ pages of documented and incessant harassment, voluminous reports to @spam, and no action from @Twitter whatsoever, this same parasite has created yet another account from which to attempt to derail dissemination of truth, frighten real people into silence, and clear the way for #NabeelRajab #AlWefaq remote control terrorism and invasion of Bahrain.

Once again, this account demonstrates from the very first tweet, a very deliberate psychological strategy to insult, intimidate, and beat down people with one glaring commonality – all of them speaking out against the imported terrorism and disinformation campaign that no longer even remotely veils foreign invasion.  For one solid month these people have provided an endless stream of evidence, all of which I have documented, which proves beyond doubt the global destabilization campaign, and identifies the perpetrators quite clearly.

Note: The astonishing amount of evidence they have willingly provided has caused something of a ‘backlog’ in my analysis of it.  However, as I go through it all, you’ll find the raw data speaks quite clearly for itself.  I strongly recommend reading from the bottom (first tweet) up to the top (most recent tweet).

(Updated 05-14-12)

This account is already suspended @BashTheTrolls


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