Disinfo Op: Psychosis of Penny_G

350+ Clips  (almost all of them multiple tweets) for analysis in this stream of delusion, and every bit demonstrating a clear cut aspect and ubiquitous characteristic of the ongoing global destabilization operation – masquerading as “Spontaneous Grassroots Uprising.”  For the already initiated, this relentless stream of misdirection, misinformation, and assault is textbook.  While I painstakingly detail these aspects over the next few days, please refer to an almost mirror instance of these Standard Operating Procedures for complete detailed description:

Analysis of a Disinformation Agent: Character Assassination & Diversion Deciphered


(Updated 06-07-12 Textbook Anonymous Threats)

On June 6th, I posted the first part of Arab Spring Exposed.  Their response was so spectacularly textbook and characteristic of the psyop cyber terrorism I so painstakingly detail in that very same article, that I choose to update this section for the first time in a long time.  Note the immediate, ‘Anonymous’ threats.  These ubiquitous terrorist threats is how they have terrorized people silent all through Arab Spring, Occupy, and Anonymous.  If they’d start reading, they’d learn that what it get’s them in #Opwatch, is documented.

(Updated 05-02-12 80New Clips)

Note: I strongly suggest ready from the bottom (earliest tweet) to the top.

– Update 05-02-12 –

– Update 05-02-12 –

EANewsFeed Network Connections Map: http://ow.ly/aAOac

— Update 04-30-12 —

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