Libya Ambassador Assassination: Arab Spring Psyop Continues

Does anyone really believe these stories anymore?  It seems to me, they don’t even make the effort to make them believable anymore.  Any old bit of nonsense is enough justify whatever “spontaneous grassroots uprising” operation is in the works, and whether the people actually believe the hype or not – MSM’s perpetual disinformation machine creating the illusion that they do, is all that’s required.

After a year of U.S. and international arms, training, logistics, and support for all of the false-flag Arab Spring operations resulting in regime change in Egypt, Yemen, and Libya, those new found strongholds for remote control terrorist groups are now being turned on United States embassies.  As they have characteristically done throughout the Arab Spring, their false-flag martyr assassinations continue to escalate, and now a U.S. Ambassador is dead (not coincidentally) on the anniversary of the mother of all false-flag operations, 9-11.

These bands of remote control terrorists that have been used so effectively in covertly overthrowing several countries are now being used to reignite American ill-informed Islamo-hate mere months after portraying the same groups as freedom fighters, as the puppeteers continue manufacturing reasons for more war in the Middle East – most specifically Iran.  In fact the outrageous first response from the in-pocket Republicans (after the false-flag assassination of Libya Ambassador Christopher Stevens), was to blame President Obama for not already being at war with Iran and Syria.

Yet what psyop excuse is presented to the masses for these remote control uprisings, using the same remote control uprising tactics that have been used throughout Arab Spring, in countries that have undergone regime change as a result of these remote control uprising tactics?… some video clip no-one has even seen.  The last decade of perpetual false-flag invasion and endless drone strikes hasn’t caused any sudden unified ‘uprising’ against U.S. embassies of course… some video clip religious insult is the cause for yet another “spontaneous grassroots uprisings” capitalizing once again on the 9-11 psychological trigger.

Seriously…  How stupid can people possibly be at this point?  Anyone going to buy this utter balderdash?  Five minutes after Christopher Stevens was assassinated, Senator John McCain was on the Today Show insulting and goading the President into going to war with Iran over it, and we are supposed to believe it started over an ‘independent’ movie clip that somehow masses of people in numerous countries across the Middle East have been simultaneously exposed to and are simultaneously reacting to?  Wake up and smell the psyop…

I strongly suggest you understand the origin and goal of the Arab Spring false-flag operations, if you intend to make any sense of the lies and operations you’re being fed now.

Bill Noxid

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