Morning Joe blames Ds instead of the 155 Rs who voted against 9-11 Healthcare Bill

There’s no end to Joe’s hypocrisy these days, but blaming Democrats (who voted 244 yes / 4 no) for the blockage of this bill is ridiculous even for him. In fact, Joe let’s the real reason that Democrats needed a 2/3rds majority slip when he pointed out it was to prevent GOP obstructionists from offering amendments to divide the Democratic Party. This is SOP for the GOP since President Obama’s election, and they have had great success with it in both Healthcare and Finance Reform – to name just two. Consistently Republicans have offered amendment after amendment to weaken or nullify legislation and ultimately vote ‘no’ anyway. This allows them to form the legislation and not have to take any responsibility for it, and the health insurance mandate is a prime example. The people don’t remember of course, but the mandate was included by Republican Insurance Lobbyists (when they were feigning bi-partisanship), and now they perpetually pummel President Obama for it being there to begin with.


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