Fear Makes Americans Stupid

Yesterday Joe Scarborough – After building his scary black man narrative by harping on his veiled racism “elitist” charge, Joe threw a tantrum because Obama said Americans are scared. One of the most frustrating things about Obama is his watered down and sanitized statements like this, but Joe couldn’t even face that much truth. The fact of the matter is that Americans have been scared stupid for a long time and now that they have a Black president to be afraid of to boot, all bet are off.

Joe Scarborough’s Age of Aquarius: The Veiled Racism of “Elitism” http://ow.ly/2XuUc

Dylan’s show today was the polar opposite. Because Dylan doesn’t want to live in denial and wants to face the real problems, this segment was about the reality of Americans being scared stupid intentionally, and Joe’s “Elitist” talk when these low-info Tea Baggers already think he’s an alien Muslim terrorist, is complicit in that fear mongering. There are only two possibilities: He knows he’s complicit, or he’s too stupid to recognize his own denial and racism.


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