Pat Buchanan – Founding Fathers Wanted To Keep Their Slaves

Let this be a teaching moment for the “Return to Founding Fathers’ values” crowd. No more denial about what they practiced and actually believed in. In this clip, Pat does what the Confederacy (and the Klan) have historically done when called on their utterly racist views. He attempts to deflect by saying ‘they were doing it too.’ It’s a pathetic argument and does nothing to answer the question of why you think you have the right to own Black people, but in attempting this diversion, Pat reveals the fundamental denial of this country: The Founding Father owned slaves, and wanted to keep them just like everybody else.

People who cannot face the reality that this country was founded and functions on genocide and slavery are in no position to judge their own (or this country’s) propensity for racism. Every global act of war is dependent on it, this entire society is drenched in it, and Americans intentionally remain clueless. The fact that any white person has the audacity to feign outrage when their auto-response racism is questioned, is in and of itself a racist response, and the fact that Americans do not understand the society we live in and its intentional imbalance voids that fabricated reaction.

The easiest thing to do in a country that is denying its own racism is to deny your own racism. You’ll get a boat load of sympathetic individuals who are as equally in denial as you are.

Falkner – “Only thank God that men have done learned to forget quick what they ain’t brave enough to try to cure.” – Civil War Era


The continuous failure of this country to recognize it’s inescapable connection to (and foundation on) racism and hate, is revolting and embarrassing. Every day it is exposed, and every day it is denied. Since the people in this country desperately need to be reminded:


Origins of the Ku Klux Klan – The foundations of modern racism

The history of the Ku Klux Klan in Law Enforcement and Government

Anatomy of American Ignorance – Part 1

Anatomy of American Ignorance – Part 2

True Colors: The motives ( race and greed ) driving HI reform debate, and the real need for Public Option

The Obama Problem: Black, and Unaware of it

Bill Noxid


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