Joe Scarborough: Obama Sounds Like a Thin Skinned Whiner

Once again Joe and his Sons of the Confederate pal Pat demonstrate why they have no business on TV. Quite obviously President Obama doesn’t complain enough about these people who flood the airwaves with perception altering nonsense, hate speech, and overt racism that Obama (and the rest of us) are just supposed to ignore.

We shouldn’t have to ignore it. These racists in Faux Journalist clothing that have been trying to impeach this president or nullify his election since before he even took office, shouldn’t be on the air laying the ground work for Civil War II.

The easiest thing to do in a country that is denying its own racism is to deny your own racism. You’ll get a boat load of sympathetic individuals who are as equally in denial as you are. If you’re interested in facing this cornerstone of American reality, I’ve spent a great deal of time defining it. The following seven writings (in the order listed) detail the pivotal racial incidents that have gone ignored or forgotten since Barack Obama began threatening the image of “White Rule” in this country.

The White Man’s Burden: Consequences of Operating on Genocide and Slavery

Not This Time: A Nation Evolving Past its Historical Hatred

The Missed Message of Reverend Wright: The Honesty Required for Liberation

The Problem with “A Nation of Cowards”: American Denial and Revisionist History

The Obama Problem: Black, and Unaware of it

True Colors: The motives (race & greed) driving Health Insurance reform debate

Obama Denial Displayed: Leading with Post-Racial Bi-Partisan Myopia

Bill Noxid


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